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Located in the Appalachians mountains our family is passionate about the hunting dog. As the versatility of hunting dogs in Quebec is paramount, Drahthaar is quickly imposed as the preferred choice.

What is a Drahthaar

Fiery, agile and endowed with a surprising olfactory capacity it can do absolutely all the needed tasks. Faithful and affectionate, his great desire to please his master makes him an impressive efficiency.

From the search for wounded game, with firm pointing on woodcock and partridge and going through a desire for report (duck, goose, etc.) Moreover he is an excellent swimmer.

The Drahthaar is afraid of absolutely nothing.

The Drahthaars Breed

These dogs originally from Germany and have been mainly adapted to the search for wounded game. Let's boar and deer. The Drahthaar is now recognised as one of the best breeds for research and is used all over the world.
Versatility is an obligation in the Drahthaar, it demonstrates it very effectively and has nothing to envy to other breeds. His firm point on woodcock and partridge in Quebec are proof. His instinct during the quest also demonstrates it perfectly.
The Drahthaars are very good retrievers, their ease of learning being transmitted to them by their ancestors helps the handlers to inculcate the obligatory basic rules of the report. In addition, they are excellent swimmers, which make them unparalleled reports of waterfowl.
With great physical strength they can work relentlessly both in the water and in the forest. In addition, its dress with dense undercoat makes Drahthaar one of the most resistant hunting dogs in the cold temperatures of Quebec.

When the Hunter and the Dog making one

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All our puppies are registered with VDD-Group Canada. With their recording paper (Ahnentafel) directly from Germany including all the pedigree of your puppy’s ancestors

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We support all our future owners by providing information on the preparation for the arrival of the puppy and the stages of training of the pups.

Our Drahthaar’s

All our dogs are tested and certified for breeding. They all live with us in the house and are exceptional companions both in hunting and in everyday life.

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