Vom RocheHaus Purchase agreement

Vom RocheHaus puppies are living in the house and well socialized, dewormed every two weeks starting at 3 weeks of age, have their first boosters. Puppy will be registered to the VDD Group Canada and tattooed before being release to their new owner.

Vom RocheHaus puppies are guaranteed for hunting ability, if you have any genetic defaults, in your puppy from us that will not allow it to be a hunting dog, we will provide a replacement pup or a full refund, at the choice of the breeder upon us consulting with our veterinarian consultants, as well as yours.This genetic defect guarantee is valid for up to one year of the puppy’s life.The conditions we have to make are: we need to prove it was truly genetic or congenital and not negligence. Also, in order to get a replacement we need to get the defective dog back.

To take advantage of the guarantee puppies who have a problem or whose owner cannot keep them, it must be returned to Vom RocheHaus kennels at the expense of the puppy owner without exception. Vom RocheHaus does not guarantee that every pup will meet the strict breeding standards of the VDD system and become breeding dogs as there are simply too many variables.

We also highly recommend that you become a member of VDD Group Canada organization. We will determine the placement of the puppies based on multiple factors including order in which the deposit was received, desired temperament, what type of hunting you do,sex, and any other characteristics important to you.

You will be asked to provide information so that I can help you determine which puppy will be right for you and your family situation.

Vom RocheHaus puppies sell for 1800$ with 200$ deposit as a non-refundable deposit to reserve a pup. Non-refundable because we only want committed serious buyers.

Crate and shipping is the responsibility of the new puppy owner.

I have read and accept the terms of this purchase agreement:

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