Why choose a Drahthaar

Why Drahthaar is the best versatile dog in the world?

Because all dogs, without any exception are subject to 3 tests governed by the group JGHV. I explain to you :

Before the age of 18 months the drahthaar will have to pass a test of natural quality:

The pointing in the fields, the research in fields, and the tracking on hare or pheasant. It will be noted on his behaviour (cooperation) use of his nose, desire to work, etc … moreover all the dogs are evaluated on the reactions to the gunshot, any Drahthaar having a fear reaction will fail the test.

It’s called the VJP (natural quality test) and it’s springtime.

Then much more complex comes the second test that is called the HZP (utility test)

This test that they must absolutely succeed involves many challenges.

Pointing and search for birds in the fields, tracking several meters of ducks and hares. And not the least of the research on water that has three reports mandatory is a duck report followed by a shot in the water, a blind search (blind retrieve) and a search for live duck  everything must be reported to the handler without any detour and without dropping the ducks for lack of disqualification. We understand here that the knowledge of the handlers will greatly help the success of dogs.

In addition, dogs have only two chances to pass the tests and this before the age of 18 months.

The third test is an evaluation of the physical conformity of the Drahthaar. Based on innumerable characteristics as much for the form (frame, motricity, etc …) as for its dress (hair).

Finally another important feature of the reproductive permission process and the requirement that each parent has X-rays for the hips (dysplasia) elbows and shoulders. A German veterinarian authorized by the club will have to authenticate the results. You will then understand that it is a long process but that is what the Deutsch Drahthaar standard guarantees.

No surprise about skills or compliance this is a Drahthaar